Under the direction of Christopher Phillips, Holy Trinity is dedicated to walking with young people as they navigate the world.  There is space for those who want to complete a more intensive discipleship training program (Confirmation); and there is space for those who are simply seeking a safe group connection.  Regardless, we meet young people where they are and walk together as we practice our faith through fun events, service events, and faith connections.

Senior High Youth Ministry:  All High School Youth are invited and encouraged to connect to the congregation through fellowship events, service events, worship leadership, and overnight retreats and camps.  The Youth Leadership Team is a group of adults and youth who design and facilitate ministry that meets our young people where they are at in life.  A typical month includes checking in during Faith Quest (offered three times each month), a fun event and a service event.  Over the course of the year our young people attend the  January Epiphany Retreat in Estes Park, the ELCA National Youth Gathering (every three years). a week at Rainbow Trail Lutheran Camp and a Summer Trip of choice.  We are focused on faith filled connections and experiences, and our youth often lead worship and share a witness of those experiences upon their return.   And as always, friends are always welcome.

Middle School and Confirmation Ministry (6th grade and older):  Under the leadership of Pastor Sonja, young people who want an intensive discipleship training program can participate in a three year ministry called Confirmation.  The goal of this ministry is to help young people know God, God's Story of promise and then ways to practice their faith as they wrestle with theology, ethics and decision making.  Each year has a different focus.  Young people who complete all three years are then confirmed in their faith in a formal service during worship.  They share their faith statement with the congregation, and the congregation prays for them as they take greater responsibility for their faith journey.

The three modules are as follows:  Year One covers the Old Testament Bible  Stories.  Year Two covers the New Testament Bible Stories.  Year Three covers theology through Luther's Catechism (Ten Commandments, Creeds, Lord's Prayer and Holy Communion), ethics and contemporary topics (care of creation, other religions).

While young people typically begin their Confirmation experience in the 6th grade and complete it at the end of 8th grade, non-traditional older students are invited to serve as junior leaders so that they can learn and lead at the same time.

In addition to Confirmation Middle School Youth are often invited to participate in service and fun events with the senior high youth and their families.